Official poster.




Welcome one and all.


An afternoon slot.



So I thought I’d put on a little festival. I like music and getting friends together. But I also like the BRANDING of it all…

I’d dabbled last year with this idea – putting on a party at my parents’ place ‘in the countryside’. In some ways that brought with it even more issues: we had to build a stage… we had to power it all from the house… it was MY PARENTS’ PLACE…

But this year we (I enlisted help) wanted to do something in London, and without the relative pressures of, err, relatives’ property.

We found a lovely venue. (I can’t recommend Lea Rowing Club highly enough.) We compiled a line-up of willing and able acts. We started spreading the word amongst friends, family, friends’ friends… without letting that word get loose and the whole thing ending up as a ‘funny story’ in the Metro newspaper.

And then I was free to BRAND.

Writing invitations. Designing a logo. Making signs. Posting on social media. Creating the info sheet. And the official poster. Ordering the branded guitar plectrums. You know, the important stuff.

The results were fun for the majority, stressful for some, and somewhat financially-beneficial to the LRC bar.

See photos.

Rowchelleers: WE SALUTE YOU.