The Handball Rule (part II)

Handball, FIFA, referee
Reflecting on part 1 of my study of the very rule that makes football football, and outlining THE NEW RULE.

I’m not sure FIFA are a million miles away with their assessment of what constitutes a handball, and how offenders should be punished. I think it’s perhaps the referees (or the Head Referees) and the pundits that are furthest from the mark.

But nevertheless there’s still a mess ruining the beautiful game, and I’m feel I am divinely sent to clear it up. Read on, Gianni Infantino (and Massimo Busacca).

When does handling a ball count as handball?

The Handball Rule (part I)

Koscielny, handball, referee, FIFA

I wrote most of this article a couple of years ago but never got round to posting it. In July 2018, it seems more relevant than ever.

The World Cup’s finished. And the Community Shield, unbelievably, is a mere fortnight away.

You’d probably have expected the majority of football rule/refereeing chat to be about VAR (even though it’s not coming to the Premier League yet). But no. Instead we’re talking about the oldest of rules, the one that actually kind of defines football.