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Short copy: Love is in the details

With diminishing attention spans, online irritability and seemingly less time than ever to GET SHIT DONE, it follows that there’s more of a focus than ever on getting shorter copy messages right.

Burgers on board!

One for the Londoners.

Something to redress the balance – why should pregnant women get to hog the cool-badge limelight?

Got somethin’ to say?

Everyone’s petrified of a potential customer, employer or collaborator heading to their website’s blog or their Twitter feed and finding three years of inactivity. It just doesn’t look good.

Beer brand-building

IMG_3635Beer brand-building

Sometimes as a copywriter you are asked to write about something boring and paid reasonable money for it.

Sometimes as a copywriter you are asked to write about something interesting and paid nothing for it.

What a Lush experience, Captain

Cat massage

I’ve been known to complain. Like after my girlfriend and I had been shoehorned into a knackered old coach without a toilet for four hours on our return from a three-day festival. And when I ordered a new bath panel and nobody ever contacted me about it, or its absence, ever.

DIY Festival Branding




Official poster.




Welcome one and all.


An afternoon slot.



So I thought I’d put on a little festival. I like music and getting friends together. But I also like the BRANDING of it all…

Ceefax football match reports

Great little competition from the BBC inviting football fans to submit a ‘Ceefax-style’ match report to tie in with what would’ve been the service’s 40th birthday:


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