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What’s a songwriter? What’s a song?

What's a songwriter?

Songs of the year

Without ever considering formalising it, I’ve had a favourite song of the year pretty clearly marked since about 2009. So, as I’ve now been furnished for a full year with Spotify’s ‘Discover Weekly’ playlist (what I’ve always wanted, really), I thought I’d make a bit more of a thing of it. Here are five songs released in 2017 that tickled my fancy.

Releasing and promoting music

I finished recording some music earlier this year, and self-released it as an EP. You’ve no doubt heard it, having seen the poster campaign, been flooded with emails and had your social media accounts wallpapered in adverts.


Jokes that only work on 6Music

Shaun Keaveny this morning asked for listeners’ ‘jokes that only work on BBC Radio 6 Music’.

I didn’t offer this one up as it also requires some bi-lingual skill. I came up with it, somewhat unbelievably, when in the midst of a heavy hangover in Bordeaux:

Mercury is poisonous, you know

A title bristling with insinuation, isn’t it?

Well I’m not going to damn it to hell, but I’ve always had a bit of an issue with the Mercury Music Prize. Or the Barclaycard Mercury Prize, as it now refers to itself. But rather than just blindly slagging it off like usual, I’ve had me a little sit down to think about just what that issue is.

Too much Ryan Adams? (link to The New Yorker article)

This is a jolly good article about someone who amazes, excites, frustrates and embarrasses me in equal measure. Not sure about his “lyrical sensibility” though – listen to the utter drivel that is ‘Stay With Me’ from the new one… http://www.newyorker.com/culture/culture-desk/much-ryan-adams

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