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What’s a songwriter? What’s a song?

What's a songwriter?

The Handball Rule (part III)

You been shootin’ yer mouth off, boy.

Well I have been moderately outspoken on the current handball rules and suggestions for updates, I admit. So it’s probably about time I put my proposals to the test.

The Handball Rule (part II)

Reflecting on part 1 of my study of the very rule that makes football football, and outlining THE NEW RULE.

I’m not sure FIFA are a million miles away with their assessment of what constitutes a handball, and how offenders should be punished. I think it’s perhaps the referees (or the Head Referees) and the pundits that are furthest from the mark.

The Handball Rule (part I)

I wrote most of this article a couple of years ago but never got round to posting it. In July 2018, it seems more relevant than ever.

Songs of the year

Without ever considering formalising it, I’ve had a favourite song of the year pretty clearly marked since about 2009. So, as I’ve now been furnished for a full year with Spotify’s ‘Discover Weekly’ playlist (what I’ve always wanted, really), I thought I’d make a bit more of a thing of it. Here are five songs released in 2017 that tickled my fancy.

Burgers on board!

One for the Londoners.

Something to redress the balance – why should pregnant women get to hog the cool-badge limelight?

Releasing and promoting music

I finished recording some music earlier this year, and self-released it as an EP. You’ve no doubt heard it, having seen the poster campaign, been flooded with emails and had your social media accounts wallpapered in adverts.


Got somethin’ to say?

Everyone’s petrified of a potential customer, employer or collaborator heading to their website’s blog or their Twitter feed and finding three years of inactivity. It just doesn’t look good.

Analyse The Analysts – EURO 2016

QualityIt’s that special time. The season’s finished. The year ends with an even number. Telly is shit.

It can only mean… it’s time for a load of fat ex-pros, fat club managers and soon-to-be-fat injured footballers to analyse a major football tournament for us.

Beer brand-building

IMG_3635Beer brand-building

Sometimes as a copywriter you are asked to write about something boring and paid reasonable money for it.

Sometimes as a copywriter you are asked to write about something interesting and paid nothing for it.

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